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Who should have a hearing test?

Anyone who has signs of a hearing loss should have a test. First signs can be saying pardon more often, finding that the TV is too loud for others, and having difficulty hearing in social situations.

Who will test my hearing?


Hearing Aid Audiologist, Charles Middler. He will test your hearing and then give you the results and advice. He will also check your ears for wax. You are welcome to have a friend or relative present during the test.


Can those with tinnitus wear hearing instruments?

 Almost always the answer is yes. If you have a hearing loss wearing digital hearing aids very often reduces the tinnitus. Your doctor’s advice should be sought initially as to whether there are reasons not to proceed with hearing aids.


Can I try hearing instruments before buying?

Yes, a free trial of up to thirty days is available from us on most makes and types of new digital hearing aids.




Why do people go private now that the NHS can provide digital hearing aids?

Private hearing care may be chosen for various reasons. You may wish to purchase smaller and more discreet aids which reflect the latest, most up to date developments in hearing aid technology. We offer the convenience of a home visiting service so we come to you; and aids can be fitted usually within one to two weeks after ordering. If you want to find out more about the NHS hearing aid provision locally (generally free behind the ear style digital aids) the first step is a visit to your GP.

How much do digital hearing aids cost?

 A pair of discreet digital hearing aids with us usually costs between £1000 and £2000. The price will depend on the level of sophistication chosen but all our prices are very competitive and include service visits when you need us and manufacturers' warranty. 


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What about aftercare and batteries?

We offer a free, inclusive aftercare service and all new hearing instruments have a warranty for between 2 and 5 years. Batteries are included for 12 months, thereafter they cost around £30 per year at our low prices and can be ordered and purchased directly from us. If any repair charges apply (eg manufacturer’s repairs outside warranty) these will be at a cost agreed before work commences.

 What do I do from here?

Call us for initial advice, or to arrange a hearing test appointment. We cover all of Devon and Cornwall and can visit you in your home as well as in care homes and nursing homes. You can also see us in Chagford Hearing Centre or St Mawes Pharmacy by appointment.


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Featured Products

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GN Resound Linx and Quattro

The Linx and Quattro aids from GN Resound of Denmark are now available from us at great prices. Hear better for less! They are designed to work with your mobile phone offering discreet control at the touch of a phone button.

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Phonak Swiss Hearing Technology

Phonak's M series aids (including a rechargeable option) are now available offering superb quality and clarity. They work work well for most levels and types of hearing losses and are available in a variety of stylish designs and colours.

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Hearing Aid Accessories

You can now purchase a range of hearing accessories from us including amplified home and mobile phones, batteries, tv listeners and a range of hearing aid accessories.