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Home Hearing Care offers the latest in hearing aid technology to suit your needs and budget including tiny hidden aids from Switzerland, rechargable hearing aids and wireless aids which connect to telephones & televisions, all at sensible prices and by Home Visit.



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In Ear Digital Hearing Aids

Digital Hearing Aids are now more effective, discreet and versatile than ever.

Hearing aids can be designed and programmed to suit your lifestyle.
Tiny invisible aids can be worn inside the ear canal, called IIC (invisible in the canal) or CIC(completely in the canal).
For customers who would prefer a slightly larger device, in the ear aids (ITEs) are the ideal solution, still discreet and easy to wear.

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 Hearing Aid Styles

As you can see from the images, hearing aids come in all shapes, sizes and colours.


For most people with a hearing loss we have a great choice of small and discreet hearing aids that you can get useord to very quickly and easily.

Small behind the ear aids, if size and colour chosen carefully, are also almost completely hidden, and with a soft rubber dome and tiny speaker in your ear you hardly feel them either!

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GN Resound Linx and Quattro

The Linx and Quattro aids from GN Resound of Denmark are now available from us at great prices. Hear better for less! They are designed to work with your mobile phone offering discreet control at the touch of a phone button.

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Phonak Swiss Hearing Technology

Phonak's M series aids (including a rechargeable option) are now available offering superb quality and clarity. They work work well for most levels and types of hearing losses and are available in a variety of stylish designs and colours.

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